CCeditore publishing group is a training institution accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education; CCeditore manages a publishing house and an online newspaper.

Over the past 10 years it has launch more than 3.000 courses and train over 400,000 people.


1Cisco Certified Network A&B
2Computer Numerical Control
3Training & Educational Methods
4Effective Educational Supervision
5Electrons Use Powerful Digiac Systems
in Electrical Circuits
6Human Resource Management
7Industrial Drawing Using Computer
8Water desalination plant operation & maintenance
9Protection & Distribution System in Electrical Networks.
10Operation of Factories & Industrial Facilities.
11Management of Occupational Safety and Health System
12Gas Processing and Conditioning
13Network Administration Course with Certification
14Maintenance of Rotating Machines.
15Application Programming & Web Design.
16Mechanical Maintenance
17Advanced electrical maintenance PLC program
18Management application and strategic planning
19Networking sistem (CISCO) CCNA+CCNP+routing&seurity with internal international exams
20Planninig e programming of mechanical maintenance
21Advanced petroleum engineering technology
22Advanced welding technologies including: non-destructives testing, GMAW ecc…
23Environmental analytical chemistry
24Maintenance Strategy
0GIS (Geographic Information System)
A1Electrical Maintenance
A2Human Resources Development & Training.
A3Maintenance of Electrical Equipment.
A4Operation & Manteinance of Boilers & Desalination units.
25Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
26Business Administration 1 & 2 – 1
26Business Administration 1 & 2 -2
27Chemical engeenering
28Chemical Processes Engineering
29Computer science
30Control Engineering PLC & DCS
31Electrical engineering
32English language
33Financial analysis
33Financial analysis
34Financial management
35Human Resource Management
36Information technology
37Information technology management
38Lean supply chain management
39Management of Business
40Mechanical engineering design & technology
41Petroleum engineering
42Program in mechanical engineering
43Purchasing management
44Quality control of refinery petroleum products
45Translation English- Teaching English Language Arabic

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