International Courses

CCEditore offers a wide range of international specialization courses for foreign companies

1Advanced electrical maintenance PLC program 20
2Advanced petroleum engineering technology26
3Advanced welding technologies including: non-destructives testing, GMAW ecc…26
4Application Programming & Web Design.26
5Association of Chartered Certified Accountants39
6Business Administration 1 & 2 – 139
7Business Administration 1 & 2 -252
8Chemical engeenering39
9Chemical Processes Engineering52
10Cisco Certified Network A&B26
11Computer Numerical Control26
12Computer science52
13Control Engineering PLC & DCS39
14Effective Educational Supervision39
15Electrical engineering52
16Electrons Use Powerful Digiac Systems 
in Electrical Circuits
17Engineering Management1
18English language39
19Environmental analytical chemistry26
20Financial analysis39
21Financial analysis52
22Financial management52
23Gas Processing and Conditioning1
24GIS (Geographic Information System)12
25Human Resource Management26
26Human Resource Management52
27Industrial Drawing Using Computer26
28industrial fire-fighting specialization8
29Information technology39
30Information technology management39
31Italian Language 20
32Lean supply chain management39
33Maintenance of Rotating Machines.26
34Maintenance Strategy 1
35Management application and strategic planning26
36Management of Business52
37Management of Occupational Safety and Health System1
38Mechanical engineering39
39Mechanical engineering design & technology39
40Mechanical Maintenance39
41Network Administration Course with Certification1
42Networking sistem (CISCO) CCNA+CCNP+routing&seurity with internal international exams26
43Operation of Factories & Industrial Facilities.26
44Petroleum engineering52
45Planninig e programming of mechanical maintenance26
46Protection & Distribution System in Electrical Networks.26
47Purchasing management39
48Purchasing management52
49Quality control of refining petroleum products39
50Trainees Affairs System1
51Training & Educational Methods26
52Translation English & Teaching English Language Arabic52
53Water desalination plant operation & maintenance39